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  • ACCUMATE PRO-5 Smart Charger Battery Charger

ACCUMATE PRO-5 Smart Charger Battery Charger

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07 / 12 / 2019
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Detail ACCUMATE PRO-5 Smart Charger Battery Charger

AccuMate - UK


Accumate is manufactured by TecMate for whom we are their sole UK importer. TecMate are a specialist international battery charger manufacturer who are recognised as leaders in their field. ProBike have been their sole UK importer since day 1 and have achieved phenomenal success with TecMate’s battery chargers and other specialist tools, having sold well over 400,000 OptiMate and AccuMate chargers in the UK, picking up multiple awards on the way.


Because TecMate have specialised 100% in “smart” charger technology for nearly 2 decades, their products feature the latest technology and unsurpassed quality of both design and production. Their products are sold in over 50 countries and they supply some of the best known major vehicle manufacturers in the world. Track records don’t come much better than theirs. By contrast, many of the competitive products available in the UK are bought from unknown Chinese factories by companies whose speciality is shifting boxes, with little or no knowledge of battery charging technology. See more about TecMate here at their website.


We have been trading for 26 years and have highly skilled and trained staff who comprehensively understand battery charging technology and applications. We regularly advise world-leading companies about battery related issues. Whatever your requirement you can be confident that you are dealing with a well-established firm with the best possible technical ability and customer service skills.


Warranty: Minimum 24-month guarantee on all TecMate products. Typically 24-36 months. 


Products :


OptiMate Retail Chargers : OptiMATE2, OptiMATE3, OptiMATE4, OptiMATE5, OptiMATE 5 VoltMatic, OptiMATE 6, Etc


OptiMate Professional Chargers : OptiMATE PRO-S, OptiMATE PRO-2, OptiMATE PRO-4, OptiMATE PRO-8


AccuMATE Battery Chargers : AccuMATE, AccuMATE PRO-5, AccuMATE PRO 12/24V, AccuMATE PRO 12-4A


OptiMate & AccuMate Accssories (TM) 



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