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Rotary Joint Union, Pop-Off, M16x1.5 LH, 18 Mm Pilot, 3/8” PT

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24 / 06 / 2024
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Detail Rotary Joint Union, Pop-Off, M16x1.5 LH, 18 Mm Pilot, 3/8” PT


In 1945, Luke Deubler and Dick Linn founded the company that would revolutionize the way rotating equipment operates and performs. Combining their last names, they called the new venture Deublin Company. Its first offering would be an innovative rotating union design that incorporated balanced mechanical seals.At the time, the most popular type of sealing mechanism was a pressure-type seal. These seals relied on system pressure to keep wearing surfaces mated, which was proving to be problematic as equipment speeds increased. Printing presses, in particular, were vulnerable to rapid wear of the pressure-type seals.Luke saw an opportunity to improve on the industry standard, and the resulting design was an immediate success. By engineering a mechanical seal into a rotating union, Luke propelled the company to the forefront of the industry and sparked the growth of Deublin Company that continues even today.

Products :

Machine Tool (Closed Seal, Pop-Off Technology, AutoSense, SpindleShield, Multi-Channel

Renewable Energy (Hydraulic Control, Electrical Control, Hydropower, Etc)

Union, Pop-Off, M16x1.5 LH, 18 mm pilot, 3/8” PT 1109-040-188
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