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KELLER Pressure Transmitter PAA-22S

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30 / 03 / 2022
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Detail KELLER Pressure Transmitter PAA-22S

KELLER AG für Druckmesstechnik - SWITZERLAND

Your Swiss Pressure Sensing Specialist

• Europe’s leading manufacturer of isolated pressure transducers and transmitters

• Pressure ranges from 5 mbar to 2000 bar

• High volumes at low prices, great flexibility, highest accuracies

• Production of more than one million pressure transducers and transmitters per year

KELLER AG für Druckmesstechnik, headquartered in Winterthur (Switzerland), is Europe’s leading manufacturer of isolated pressure transducers and transmitters. The company, which has a global workforce of around 450 employees, was founded in 1974 by Hannes W. Keller, a graduate in physics and the inventor of the integrated silicon measuring cell. The entire value creation, from production of the individual parts and calibration of the sensor through to the final inspection of the finished products, takes place at the headquarters in Winterthur. All KELLER AG products are therefore “Made in Switzerland”.

The KELLER AG product range includes digital manometers, level probes, data loggers, remote transmission units and pressure calibrators. Digital display equipment completes our wide range. The application areas for our pressure transducers are just as broad as our product range. For example, they regulate the internal cabin pressure in aircrafts, ensure the smooth switchover from natural gas to petrol in hybrid vehicles and are used as reference sensors in laboratory technology. KELLER special sensors, such as modular pressure catheters and other miniature transducers, are especially popular among researchers.

Pressure Transducers

Piezoresistive OEM Pressure Transducers

Series 3 L - 10 L

Series 7S / 9S

Series 6

Series 8

Series 7

Series 9

Series 7 LI

Series 10

High tech miniature pressure sensors

Series 2 Mi


Series M5

Sensor Probes

Piezoresistive Standard Pressure Transducers

Series 11

Series 15

Series 13

Low Cost Transducers

Series 1 TAB EOL

Series 6 M / S

Series 2, Series 4

Pressure Transmitters

Pressure Transmitters for Industrial Applications

4 LC…9 LC

Series 22 M/S

4 LD…9 LD

Series 23 / 25

Series M5 HB

Series 23 SY / 25 Y

Series 21 C

Series 33 X / 35 X

Series 21 G EOL

Series PRD-33 X

Series 21 PY (Pisello)

Series PD-39 X

Series 21 Y

Series 41 X

Series 22 DT

Pressure Transmitters for Hazardous Applications

23 Ed/25 Ed, 33 X Ed/35 X Ed

Series 41 X Ei

23 SY Ei / 25 Y Ei / 26 Y Ei

Series 46 X Ei

33 X Ei / 35 X Ei / 36 XW Ei

Series D Ei

Series PD-39 X Ei

Pressure Transponder with passive RFID Interface

Series 21 D RFID

Pressure Transmitters for Biotechnology / Food Industries

Series 25 F

Series 35 X HTC

Series 35 X HT(T)

Piezoresistive Force Transmitter


Intelligent Transmitter with Digital Indication


Level Probes

Piezoresistive Pressure Transmitters for Level Measurements

Series 26 W

Series 36 XKY

Series 26 Y

Serie 36 X S

Series 26 Y Ei

Series 36 X W

Series 27 W EOL

Series 36 XW Ei

Serie 36 Xi W (CTD)

Capacitive Pressure Transmitters for Level Measurements

Series 46 X

Data Loggers / GSM


Digital Indicators

Pressure Switches

Pressure Calibrators


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