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  • MIDORI Potentiometer Microcontroller CP-5S 2kΩ

MIDORI Potentiometer Microcontroller CP-5S 2kΩ

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: 19 / 02 / 2022
midori potentiometer microcontroller cp-5s  2kω
midori potentiometer microcontroller cp-5s  2kω-1
midori potentiometer microcontroller cp-5s  2kω-2
midori potentiometer microcontroller cp-5s  2kω-3
midori potentiometer microcontroller cp-5s  2kω-4
midori potentiometer microcontroller cp-5s  2kω-5
midori potentiometer microcontroller cp-5s  2kω-6

Detail MIDORI Potentiometer Microcontroller CP-5S 2kΩ


Midori Precisions Co., Ltd. was founded in 1952 as a manufacturer of electro-mechanical transducers. These early products were created by the wire-wound potentiometer technology to be offered in the precisions instrumentation markets.

In 1962, Midori developed technology that enabled the company to launch the precision conductive plastic potentiometers, which are called the Green Pot products.

In 1973, Midori pioneered another technology, the contactless magneto-resistive potentiometer (the Blue Pot product line).

In 1994, Midori introduced the position sensors (the Orange Pot product line) which adapted the Hall Effect IC as sensing element and improved the key functions and cost efficiency.

Lately, Midori has been focusing on the development of another product line, Digital Sensor/Encoder to ensure its leading position in the market and further create new customer bases globally.

Products :


• Angle

Wire-wound (W.W POT)

HP-18 Series

Conductive Plastic (Green POT)

CP-2FL Series 1, 5, 10 kΩ

CP-2FxxJ Series 1, 2, 5, 10 kΩ

CP-2FABSJ Series 1 kΩ

CP-2F Multi-turn Series 125 kΩ


Magneto-Resistive (Blue POT)

CP-16U Series

CP-2UN Series

Hall IC Element (Orange POT)

CP-1Hx Series

QP-2H Series

CP-2HB Series

CP-20H Series


• Linear

Conductive Plastic (Green POT)

LP-10F Series

LP-20F Series

LP-FBS Series


Hall IC Element

LP-10HA Series

• Tilt Angle

Conductive Plastic (Green POT)

74 Series

Hall IC Element

WR Series

UV Series



THD2000Z Series

ESC3000Z Series

ESC1000Z Series


• Angle


CE36M Series

Multi Pole Magnet Scales

Multi Pole Magnet Scales


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