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01 / 12 / 2019
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Beyond Imagination Vendor…

Detail GAS VENT SLIT Air Vent



It is a product that plays a role of air hole (degassing) by attaching it to a mold for core molding. Wave type developed independently by our company has received high praise from overseas enterprises especially with its excellent performance. The brand recognized by the world is the result of our own technical capabilities of development capability ! 


The industry has long history as a casting auxiliary material manufacturing and sales manufacturer since its establishment in 1974. Starting from casting brush, we are sending various high-performance products such as Keren, venthole, shell mode core.


Rich experience and more advanced development Production technology Everything is made with human hands. Produce products of solid quality from advanced technology. Therefore, we will also focus on creating an environment that will demonstrate our high motivation, and we will nurture our technical capabilities from rich experience.


As a manufacturer and sales manufacturer related to casting sub-materials since foundation, we have followed a solid management policy. In keeping with its own position in specialized fields, we will continue to have the power to challenge new fields under the philosophy of making something useful further in the world.

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