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  • MASTECH DC Power Supply HY-3030E Switch Mode Power Supply

MASTECH DC Power Supply HY-3030E Switch Mode Power Supply

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10 / 12 / 2019
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Detail MASTECH DC Power Supply HY-3030E Switch Mode Power Supply



Established in 1985, Mastech Power Supply brings three decades success in regulated variable DC power supplies. Our large selection of linear DC power supplies offer exceptional noise and ripple performance, and our switching DC power supplies pack superior power and performance into a very small form factor. In the last three years, we have significantly improved reliabilty and fault tolerance by adding over-voltage and reverse-voltage protection to most of the updated models under the new brand of Volteq. Guaranteed the best price, fast shipping, and friendly service. 


We are your best source for regulated variable DC Power Supplies. Due to the widespread of copycat products in the market, we only service products bought directly from us, but will be happy to provide technical help even if you may have a knockoff product. Mastech company lay the foundation to buildMastech Shanghai and made it the domestic center of sales and marketing in China. 


The production lines are fully operating to produce the high end test instrument , a Research and Development center was set up, V&A brand is created on the high end products , on top of the Mastech. We strive to make the first class products in China and set up a complete service system to satisfy customers from domestic and abroad.


Products :


Single Output DC Power Supply : HY3002D, HY3003D, HY3005D, HY3002, HY3003, HY3005, HY5002, HY5003, HY3002C, HY3003C, HY3005C.


Double Output DC Power Supply : HY3002D-2, HY3003D-2, HY3005D-2, HY3002, HY3003, HY3005, HY5002, HY5003, HY3002S-2, HY3003S-2, HY3005S-2, HY3002C-2, HY3003C-2, HY3005C-2


Triple Output DC Power Supply

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