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  • OVS1 Vertical Cylindrical Smoke Tube Type Auxiliary Sparepart Boiler

OVS1 Vertical Cylindrical Smoke Tube Type Auxiliary Sparepart Boiler

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15 / 04 / 2024
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Detail OVS1 Vertical Cylindrical Smoke Tube Type Auxiliary Sparepart Boiler


Osaka Boiler is a “well-established company” that began as a boiler manufacturer in the Taisho Period (1912-1926). Allow us to offer our thoughts on boiler production and craftsmanship that coincide with our advantages.

We specialize in the production of marine boilers and various pressure vessels for land use. All boilers utilized for vessels such as tankers, autoclaves and power-generating facilities for land use, are large scale and highly professional machines. Since establishment, we have pursued technology while keeping the values of the craftsmanship spirit as a machinery manufacturer for almost a century.

We manufacture products consistently through and for the eyes of our clients. We emphasize on easily maintained products where owners can continuously run the machines by merely replacing parts to ensure long operating life. From then and now, inexpensive machines have drawn attention due to the clients’ preferences of using the same devices for extended periods of time. The operational life of a product is the universal merit for all consumers, therefore many continue to choose our handcrafted products.

Boiler Marine Products :

Hybrid Series : OHB Hybrid Boiler, OHEE Hybrid Economizer, OHEB Hybrid Exhaust gas Boiler

Composite Boiler : OEVC2 Water Tube Type Composite Boiler, OSV2 Smoke Tube Type Composite Boiler

Auxiliary Boiler : OEV Water Tube Type Aux Boiler, OVS1 Smoke Tube Type Aux Boiler

Exhaust Gas Economizer : HE Fin Tube Type Economizer, HSG Fin Tube Type Economizer, EGE Smoke Tube Type Economizer

Exhaust Gas Boiler : EGB Smoke Tube Type Exhaust Gas Boiler

Steam Separating Drum : SD Steam Separating Drum


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