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  • Nozzle Element PN. 1.2260-003 A1/ 3 Spray Nozzle

Nozzle Element PN. 1.2260-003 A1/ 3 Spray Nozzle

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09 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Nozzle Element PN. 1.2260-003 A1/ 3 Spray Nozzle



for MAK 6M series ( L' Orange Nozzle Element available)


Injection systems in off-highway engines are almost always subject to extreme operating conditions.


Variations in the quality of the fuels used, industrial outline conditions for the use of engines and their operation at extreme load points present major challenges for the development and production of our systems.


In spite of these outline conditions, the lifetimes achieved with Woodward L'Orange systems are very high. The service life of our products is for example many times that of the system lifetimes attained in the automobile and commercial vehicle sector.


We nevertheless work in close agreement with the engine developers on permanently improving system availability and increasing service life, as this directly influences the lifecycle costs and overall engine cost-effectiveness. This above all affects components subject to particularly heavy loads and high levels of wear.


This includes our


• Nozzles

• Connecting pieces

• Pump elements

• And sealing elements.


According to the servicing plan of the engine manufacturers, these elements should be replaced regularly to prevent unforeseen failure. In this context we would like to make an appeal to the operators of engines. 

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