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NAJICO RADIATOR EX-090 200V 0.9MPA Radiator Mesin

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18 / 05 / 2022
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Detail NAJICO RADIATOR EX-090 200V 0.9MPA Radiator Mesin


More than 60 years of designing, manufacturing, and selling a wide variety of heat exchanger made from copper and alumunium. These products are used in a wide variety of fields and also in the rolling stock, hydraulic pressure, and construction machinery industries ; while our large heat exchanger (CS Cooler) are used for cooling gas turbines and diesel engines. In addition to built - to order products designed according to customer specifiactions, we alaso offer catalog products specialized in cost and delivery.

Our products :

EX Series (Small size Oil Coller) : These small air - cooled oil coolers are economically priced, offer high perfomance and have a light weightand compact structure. They are perfectas aoil coolers for general mineral oil / lubricant and variable volume pump drain cooling, etc.

SOC Series (Yellow Copper / for AC Power Supplies) : These system combo type oil coolers come in 98 type variable.

SOC Series (Alumunium / for AC Power Supplies) : They are loighter than SOC Series (Yellowe Copper) products.

SOC Series (For DC Power Supplies) : They support 12VDC and 24 VDC power supplies.

Model :

- EX 070

- EX 090

- EX 130

Tersedia dalam input Voltage :

- 110VAC

- 220VAC

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