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  • SANTEST Magnet Position No. 2PN (White) Magnet Trap

SANTEST Magnet Position No. 2PN (White) Magnet Trap

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15 / 04 / 2024
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Detail SANTEST Magnet Position No. 2PN (White) Magnet Trap


Through advancing the state-of-the-art contributions while maintaining extraordinarily high quality standards, Santest has dedicated its efforts towards optimizing the performance of magnetostrictive displacement transducers to facilitate their successful use in cases where incremental encoders can be replaced by these absolute transducers.

We believe that success will follow innovation. Improvements in R&D, manufacturing and reliable delivery have elevated accuracy standards so that new applications are occurring daily in detection systems for advanced industrial applications and specialized machinery. We are proud of Santest's worldwide acceptance, based on its performance and quality, through the efforts of its many representative companies.

All-in-one Series

GYSE-P Probe : Profibus DP interface (detachable probe element)

GYAF1 Probe : Flat head, analogue output

GYSE-A Probe : High performance analogue output (detachable probe element)

GYcAT Probe : Standard analogue output

GYcAT4 : Analogue output (replacement model for GYLT, GYLS

GYSE-S Probe : SSI output detachable probe element

GYSE-Q Probe : Quasi-incremental output detachable probe element

GYLS / GYLT Probe :ObsoleteLow cost·All-in-one Probe·built-in controller

GYLS-T / GYLT-T Probe :ObsoleteAll-in-one Probe With Output Adjustment Function

Compact Series

GYMS Probe / GYMSC Controller : Compact

GYPMR Probe : Compact head

GYGS Probe / GYGSC Controller : Pancake head

GYPM Probe / GYPMC Controller : Dead zone 30mm (thread side)

GYPE2K Probe / GYMSC Controller : Probe rod Φ4

GYMT Probe / GYMTC Controller : Compact type

High Performance Series

GYcRS Probe : High performance probe

GYcRP Probe : High performance probe

GYSE-R Probe : High accuracy typedetachable probe element

GYMR5 Probe : High performance pan cake type

GYHR Probe / GYMNC Controller : High ambient temperature

GYFRS Probe : Flang-head Robust type

Linear Profile Series

GYSE-A-PF Probe : High performance analogue output (detachable probe element

GYKS2 Probe : Comapct·analogue output type All-in-one

GYSE-S-PF Probe : SSI outputdetachable probe element

GYSE-R-PF Probe : High accuracy type detachable probe element

GYSE-Q-PF Probe : Quasi-incremental output (detachable probe element)

GYKM-RS : High performance with controller

GYSE-P-PF Probe : Profibus DP interfacedetachable probe element

GYKM Probe / GYMNC Controller : Linear Profile Version / The maximum effective stroke is 1200mm.

GYKM-LS / GYKM-LT Probe : All-in-one Linear Profile Version / The maximum effective stroke is 2000mm.

GYKS Probe : Slim type / All-in-one Linear Profile Version

Flexible rod Series

GYSE-A-FX6 Probe : Flexible rod type analogue output


GYFC2/3 Controller : Analogue output

750-635 Controller : open networkWAGO products

GYDC-05 Controller : High accuracy digital outpuParallelSSIA/B pulse

GYHC Controller : High accuracy analogue controller

DC-Q : MELSEC-Q Built-in unitJCC products

GYCL-201 : CC-Link Certified Controller


SP323 Display : Digital panel meter

GKS Controller with Display : Digital Controller with LED Display

DP-50-D : Digital Panel Meter

DP-101-D : Digital Bargraph Meter


Option:Dead-zone length/Material/Accessories

Option:Probe with flange or ferrule

Option:SRT option

Option:Waterproof Probe(IP-68)

Option:High Ambient Temperature version




Magnet : No.φSPM (out dia φ15), No.φLPM (out dia φ20), No.φ No.φM, No. 3, No. 11, No. 11N, No. 11P, No. 11S, No. 2P Black, No. 2PN White, No. 2Y Yellow, Etc

Model PLR Series

PLR Linear Resolver : All-in-one type High accuracy linear resolver

Model GMR Series

Induct-Sinusoidal Encoder

Model CS Series

Rod type switching sensor without mechanical contact

Model SMR Series

Environmentally Resistant Linear Encoder

Model L2DT Series

Linear inductance-L Displacement Transducer

Model ATG Series

High accuracy linear gauge

Model ARR Series

Analogue output,all-in-one type

Model RR Series



Model IMPAK Series

Shock Data Logger

Model I-SAC Series

Compact Low-Cost type


I-SAC Series High-end Version

Model VAC Series

Proportional Solenoid Valve Digital Amp

Model IRD Series

IRD Series

Model DA Series



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