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GH Vent (Gas Vent) Untuk Ventilasi Udara Dies Molding

Update Terakhir
28 / 08 / 2021
Min. Pembelian
200 Pcs


Beyond Imagination Vendor…

Detail GH Vent (Gas Vent) Untuk Ventilasi Udara Dies Molding


Is a special manufacturing process of new air vents. This unique vent is called "GH Vent". The GH Vent has many technical advantages over our competitor's vents. The GH Vent is made by SPF unique process using stainless steel material. This Unique shape and configuration will provide the GH Vent maximum ventilation characteristics. This technology also produces higher density than other Metal Product, resulting in outstanding mechanical and physical characteristics of the metal.

Usage :

GH VENT is developed to realize total solution of low pressure casting for aluminum alloy with higher durability, easier replacement, and other improvement in the production process.

SPF offers a GH VENT series with various types of slot form, and it can be applied to gravity casting, vacuum casting.

GH Vents will provide high quality and reasonable price to all our customers.

GH Vents are a proven product in Japan, and beginning to get recognition for its' effectiveness among worldwide manufacturers.

D3, 0.3, H10

D4, 0.3, H6

D4, 0.2, H10

D4, 0.3, H10

D6, 0.15, H10

D6, 0.3, H8

D6, 0.3, H10

D8, 0.15, H10

D8, 0.3, H10

D10, 0.15, H10

D10, 0.3, H10

D12, 0.15, H10

D12, 0.3, H10

D14, 0.3, H10

D16, 0.15, H10

D16, 0.3, H10

D20, 0.15, H10

D20, 0.3, H10

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