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NDSK Connector Konektor

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: 28 / 08 / 2021
ndsk connector konektor
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Detail NDSK Connector Konektor


Our company, which contributes to society in a wide range of fields based on the technology cultivated over many years, can be used in general industries, plants, power plants, government offices, etc., regardless of domestic or overseas, such as cable reels, cable carriers, connectors, slip rings, safety terminals. We offer.

We have 40 years of experience as a specialized manufacturer of industrial cable reels and hose reels, and we can make the best proposal for any request.

Magnet coupler type

Necessary torque is transmitted between the general-purpose motor and the drum using a magnetic coupler.

Ideal for applications such as high-frequency vertical winding (dust crane / high-frequency hoist) and high-speed winding (for RMGC, stacker crane travel).

Inverter control type

Torque is controlled by a general-purpose squirrel-cage motor using an inverter. Ideal for high-speed, high-output, high-frequency, continuous high-speed traveling cranes, mobile trolleys, and LLC hanging equipment.

Compared to the torque motor type, it consumes less power and contributes to energy saving.

Torque motor type

A common-pace type for container cranes using a coiled crane motor. Used to update existing products. A secondary resistor is required.

Winding uses the repulsive force of the spring. Small size and easy installation. The spring has a life due to fatigue and is not recommended for frequently used specifications.

BNA type cable reel,

IR / IRM cable reel,

ECL / EGW cable reel,

EF3 type cable reel,

EDC type cable reel,

L type cable reel,

A type cable reel,

Y type cable reel,

D type cable reel,

UH type cable reel,

Hydraulic reel,

Underwater robot reel,

MT type cable carrier,

IN type cable carrier,

CF Type,



SHI Type,


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