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26 / 02 / 2023
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Beyond Imagination Vendor…

Detail HALDER SELF ALIGNING PAD 22730.0012 Tool Ware


High flexibility, high precision and efficient production are the demands of a highly dynamic and complex market we and our customers are facing.

Due to our high quality standards and our target-oriented thinking aimed at ensuring an optimal utilization of our products, Halder is firmly established as a competent partner helping to meet market requirements.

More than 80 years of experience, around 200 employees worldwide, sophisticated machinery as well as a wide range of products are the essential prerequisites enabling us to rapidly and reliably fulfill the most diverse needs of our customers.

Apart from offering a large variety of high-quality products, equal importance is attached to the rendition of customer-oriented and after-sales service.

As this necessitates a high level of qualification among the members of staff, we offer excellent career opportunities to junior staff members. The share of employees accounted for by trainees amounts to approx. 10 %.

Precision made in Germany -a great challenge which we are meeting day by day on a world-wide scale thanks to our international knowledge.

Our Product Range :

Workholding Systems

Modular jig and fixturing systems and clamping devices for workholding systems

• T-Slot Systems (V40, V70) : Base Elements, Mounting Elements, Standard Ranges

• Hole and Dowel Systems (L12, L16) : Base Elements, Mounting Elements, Standard Ranges

• Combi Parts : System Adapter Plates

• Multiple Clamping Systems : Components, Clamping Units, Standard Ranges

• Multi-Vice MS 125 : Multi-Vices MS 125, Accessory for Multi-Vices MS 125, Conventional Clamping, Gripp Clamping, Pull-Down Clamping, 5-Sided Machining

• Zero-Point Clamping Systems : Mechanical, Hydraulical, Pneumatic

• Basic Elements : Cubes, Angles, Palettes, Plates

Standard Parts

More than 10.000 standard parts according to DIN/ISO and factory standards

• Machine and Fixture Elements

• Clamping Elements

• Operating Elements

• Machine Elements

Hand Tools

Professional hand tools for versatile use

• SIMPLEX Mallets / SIMPLEX Sledge Hammer

• BASEPLEX Mallets

• non-rebound soft-face mallets / sledge hammers (SUPERCRAFT, BLACKCRAFT, SECURAL)

• MAXXCRAFT Locksmith's Hammer

• FERROPLEX Combi Hammer

• Forestry Tools (SIMPLEX Splitting Mail, SIMPLEX Splitting Axe, SIMPLEX Sledge Hammer, Hand Axe und Twisted Splitting Wedge)

Aviation Products

Approved production organisation in accordance with EASA Part 21/ Subpart G (LBA DE.21G.0245)

• Ball lock pins (quick release pins in accordance with aviation standards)

• Made-to-order production (turning and milling parts, parts cut with waterjet, component assembly)


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