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NA Co.,Ltd Access Control

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01 / 12 / 2019
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Detail NA Co.,Ltd Access Control

NA Sensor for AGV


Characteristics :


This sensor can be used to guide Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) without problem under environment where machining oil, dust, or lint is suspended in the air, or on a carpet . Three types of sensors are available: Guide sensor for guiding AGV to run along a magnetic tape (guide tape), Address sensor for obtaining the location information of AGV, and Stop sensor for detecting stop location. Also available are magnetic tapes (guide tape) attached on floors and magnetic rods.


Applications :


Guiding automated guided vehicles (AGV), obtaining information on locations (relative address), and obtaining information on stop locations.


Products :


ME-9006AM-0 Sensor : Sensor for guiding automated guided vehicles to destination points, Digital 8 bit output (10 mm pitch), NA unique circuit design, realizing low cost.


ME-9015A Address Sensor : Address sensor for obtaining address information of automated guided vehicles, Two types of address information (1 bit) can be obtained, Can also be used as a stop sensor, Simple waterproof type (IP67), CE marking obtained.


GTN-501Guide tape (Magnetic Tape) 50 mm wide x 25,000 mm long x 1 mm thick.


GTN-610 Guide magnet (Magnetic Rod) 6 mm wide x 1,000 mm long x 10 mm thick.

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