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LECIP Ignition Transformer G10M23-ZC

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24 / 01 / 2023
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Detail LECIP Ignition Transformer G10M23-ZC


LECIP Group is a manufacturer of equipment for buses, trains, automobiles, and industrial equipments engaging in the planning, designing, manufacturing, and sale of these products. It was established in 1953 and is headquartered in Japan, promoting global business with regional bases in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Its largest strengths include development of the Automated Fare Collection System for fixed-route buses services, Transit Management System, Automotive Lighting for trains, and Industrial Equipment.

LECIP is an acronym formed from the first letters of the company's three core business domains: Lighting, Electric power Conversion, and Information Processing.

Products :


LECIP is a company which develops and manufactures a variety of products related to transportation systems, such as its Automated Fare Collection System and Transit Management System for public transportation systems. In Japan, LECIP hold a market share of over 55% with regard to fare boxes on route buses, and very positive highly regarded by bus business operators.

- Automated Fare Collection system(AFC)

- Transit Management System(TMS)

- Validator

- Farebox


- LED Destination Display

- Interior Light


LECIP develops and manufactures various kinds of lighting units for trains, subways and the Shinkansen. Our lightning units, which comply with the fire resistance and melt-dripping resistance requirements for railways, are outstanding when it comes to safety, and emits clear, consistent light while keeping suppressing power consumption to a minimum.

- Lighting


LECIP develops and manufactures lighting units for automobiles such as trucks and taxis. Our lighting units are outstanding in terms of resistance to temperature fluctuations, vibration and water, and are very highly regarded by automobile manufacturers.

- Lighting

Power Supply

- Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

- CATV Power Backup Unit

- Recharger

- Power-Supply Unit for LED - Neon Transformers

- Ignition Transformer


- Lighting Effects Unit

- Engine Generator Controller

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