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HSR3 Hydrophore Sequencing Relay

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: 16 / 12 / 2019
hsr3 hydrophore sequencing relay
hsr3 hydrophore sequencing relay-1
hsr3 hydrophore sequencing relay-2
hsr3 hydrophore sequencing relay-3
hsr3 hydrophore sequencing relay-4

Detail HSR3 Hydrophore Sequencing Relay

KAEL Mühendislik Elektronik San.Ltd.Şti. was founded in Izmir in 1992 

Since it has been founded, our company, holding being different in view, succeeded to be the prefered mark and growing in short while it comes to have a wide range of products.As a result of giving the required importance to the research and developement department, its role in the market becomes bigger.


Its high quality and wide range of products opens new market opportunities and as a result it takes the lead in development of international market.


 Products :


    Reactive Power Factor Controllers

    Digital Measurement Instruments

    Phase Failure Relays

    Voltage Protection Relays

    Liquid Level Control Relays

    Photocell Relays

    Time Relays

    Special Time Relays

    Special Relays

    Astronomical Time Switchs

    Digital Protector & Multimeters



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