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ACCU-LUBE GmbH Pneumatic Valve

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10 / 12 / 2019
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Detail ACCU-LUBE GmbH Pneumatic Valve



Since 1988 Accu-Lube Manufacturing GmbH has been supplying applicators and lubricants to customers all over Europe with the help of selected distributors.


In the same way ITW Rocol North America operates on the American continent and Fuji BC Engineering, Japan in the Far East, so that a global customer service is garantueed.


Produtcs :


Frequency Generator Complete Part # 9707 : This pneumatic device converts the steady stream of air to controlled timed burst of air used to stroke the pump in the lubricating system. Complete with abase plate for mounting and hookup.


Frequency Generator Only Part # 9460 : If you are replacing the frequency generator on your system or on the Junior style applicator then no base plate is needed. Easy to install with two simple screws in the front for connecting to base plate or Junior Bracket.


Base Plate for Frequency Generator Part # 9461 : The base plate is used to connect the hoses to the frequency generator. Connect the main air supply to the middle port (2) on the back of the base plate of the frequency generator. Connect the cycled

air from port (3) of the base plate to the pump(s).


Bladder Repair Kit for Frequency Generator Part # 9046 : Dirty or oily compressed air can damage the frequency generator. If your applicatorno longer pumps or pumps extremely fast the problem can usually be fixed by replacing the bladders included in the repair kit into your frequency generator. To prevent the problem from re-occurring it is recommended that you add a coalescing filter to remove oil from the air supply and a particle filter to remove.



Accu-Lube Pump Assemblies are modular in design. A unique top pump attaches to the top plate and the center bottom feed pumps is attached to the top pump with an adapter kit. Stack up to 8 pumps, or up to 12 pumps with special feed pump at station 6.


Art Number :


9601 Top Plate 

9491 Top Single Feed

9489 Adapter Kit w/ O-Ring

0492 Center Bootom Feed 

9493 Air Flow Valve

9343 Quick Release 1/4” x 1/8” NPT

9487 Plug

9344 Quick Release 5/3” x 1/8 NPT

309040 Barbed Outlet Kit

9496 Barbed Outlet Fitting

9490A O-Ring for Oil Line

9474  O-Ring Barb Seal


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