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  • TRANSTECNO Geared Motors TS7124

TRANSTECNO Geared Motors TS7124

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01 / 12 / 2019
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Transtecno – a global partner for power transmission. 


The Transtecno Group designs, produces and markets a complete range of power transmission solutions: gearboxes (wormgearboxes, helical in-line gearboxes, helical bevel, helical parallel or planetary gearboxes) and AC or DC electric motors.


Explore our product range : 


Alu AC : A range of AC gearmotors in aluminium with torques of up to 1000 Nm.


Iron : A range composed of gearmotors with torques from 900 to 3500 Nm, and housings as well as covers made of high-strength cast iron.


Alu DC : A range that includes aluminium gearmotors, speed reducers and electric motors in direct current.


Alu BLDC : A range that includes Brushless DC aluminium gearmotors, gearboxes and electric motors


Minitecno : A range that meets the needs regarding compactness and limited dimensions of many applications and sectors; IP66 AC and DC motors, IP55 BLDC motors, gearboxes. Small but strong gearmotors.

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