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  • SAMLEX Converter SDC-15 Power Supply Unit

SAMLEX Converter SDC-15 Power Supply Unit

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28 / 08 / 2021
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Detail SAMLEX Converter SDC-15 Power Supply Unit


Samlex is a family owned business, which has been supplying high quality (mobile) power supply products at extremely competitive prices since 1991, under the generic DC Power Conversion Products. Samlex has manufactured and distributed power supply products worldwide to more than 90 countries. Providing an optimal reliable service is central to the Samlex ethos.

A power supply at industrial mobile sites is sometimes recreational and sometimes a pure necessity, but should always be safely and reliably available. Mobility also requires flexibility in implementation, because installation options can vary considerably per application – whether it is a boat, a caravan, a campervan, a truck or an industrial application such as a forklift.

This product guide includes the full range of essential products for a mobile power supply. It provides concise, relevant information in clear tables and short explanations where necessary. This makes it easy to make the right choice at a glance.

Products :

• AC-DC Power Supply

• Desktop Power Supply : SEC-1212G, SEC1225G, SEC-1235G, Etc

• High Current DC Rackmount Power Supply : SEC-40BRM, SEC-60BRM, SEC-80BRM, Etc

• Accessories

• 19 2U Rackplate for SEC-power supply : Dual Rack Plate, Single Rack Plate

• Base Station Radio Cabinet : Radio Cabin for ICOM, KENWOOD, MOTORLA

• Charger Accessoires : RC600, RC601D, TF100

• Inverter Accessories : Basic Remote Control PS, RC-15, RC-16, RC-300

• Battery Back-up Module : BBM-1224i

• Battery Charger

• Automatic Battery Charger : RC-900, SEC-1245E, SEC-1260E, SEC-1280E, Etc

• Battery Guard : BDB250, BG10, BG100, BG18, Etc

• Battery Isolator : DB-702C

• Battery Monitor : BSP-1200, BSP-500, BW-01, BW-02, Etc

• Battery Separator : BS100 Dual, BS140 Dual, BSM140 Dual, BSW160 Dual, Etc

• Elogic DC-DC Charger : EL12-12/30

• Programmable Automatic Battery Charger : OC12-90, OC24-50, OC24-80, OC48-40

• Switch Mode 4-stage Battery Charger : WSC-1215, WSC-1230SB, WSC-2415

• Waterproof / Water resistant Battery Charger : CHAMP 12-17, 12-30, 12-7, 24-12, Etc

• DC-AC Inverter

• Pure Sinewave Inverter PS-series : PS300-12, PS350-24, PS450-48, PS600-12, Etc

• Pure Sinewave Inverter PST-series : PST25S-12E, PST-25S-24E, Etc

• Pure Sinewave Inverter SWI-series : SWI400-12

• Pure Sinewave Inverter-C/W Transfer Switch : ST100-212, ST1000-224, Etc

• Pure Sinewave Inverter-Charger PSC-series

• DC-DC Converter

• DC-DC Converter Step-Down : SDC-10M, SDC-12, SC-20, SDC-30, Etc

• DC-DC Converter Step-Up : STEP1, STEP 10, Etc

• Isolated DC-DC Converter : IDC-100A-12, IDC-100A-24, IDC-100B-12, Etc

• Miscellaneous

• Battery Accessories Miscellaneous : BDL01, BE24-1, Etc

• Galvanic Isolator : GI-16, GI-32

• Insulation Guard : IG-25, IG-25C

• PIR DC-Switch

• Mounting Brackets

• Solar Charge Controllers

• MPPT Series

• PR Series

• PRS Series

• Solsum Series

• Tarom Series

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