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Resistance Bulb PTR-LN7 & Thermocouple MCA-D 

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: 19 / 06 / 2023
resistance bulb ptr-ln7 & thermocouple mca-d 
resistance bulb ptr-ln7 & thermocouple mca-d -1

Detail Resistance Bulb PTR-LN7 & Thermocouple MCA-D 


MEIYO ELECTRIC Co.,Ltd. Our sensors are highly praised by our long term partners and our domestic and world-wide customers for the high quality. Each and every one of our employees is responsive to our partners and customer needs. The motto we aim for is “Technology for making the future” with prompt customer services and high quality products,second to none. We aimed to be the No.1 company in the world of marine sensors and ship related engine sensors. Working with our customers and partners,building on trust, responsive to the needs of our customers and our adherence to quality will enable us to be the leading marine and engine sensors maker in the world. Products : - TEMPERATURE SENSOR : • For high temperature of platinum resistance bulb (PTR-SB TYPE, PTR-SC TYPE, PTR-SD, PTR-S TYPE) • For low temperature of platinum resistance bulb (PTR-LN TYPE, PTR-A11 TYPE, PTR-M(CABLE)TYPE • Thermo resistance bulb with amp • Thermo-couple • Thermo-couple Explosion-proof type • Explosion-proof type • LNG  - PRESSURE SENSOR : • Pressure transmitter • l.S. Pressure Transmitter • Pressure switch • Differential pressure transmitter • Angle transmitter - INSTRUCTION METER : • Intelligent Temp. Meter • Analog Indicator


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