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Pressure Switch SPS-5K

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15 / 04 / 2024
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Detail Pressure Switch SPS-5K


• Manufacture and sale of various electric machines and appliances

• All business incidental to the above

In order to achieve our goal as a specialized manufacturer of automatic pressure and vacuum measurement and control, we not only improve quality, but also strive to develop and rationalize production of adaptive models according to the user's application, and both quality and price are well received by everyone. We have been hired and have been hired to this day.

We specialize in planning and manufacturing switches that sense pressure and vacuum.

Its expansion area has infinite possibilities, ranging from familiar general manufacturing machines to medical care and aircraft.

We will respond to all inquiries with an indomitable spirit of development.

Products :

Fine pressure switch

SPS-5 (liquid level control switch) series : SPS-5K, SPS-5, SPS-5A

Pressure Switch

SPS-8 seriesGas, liquid pressure control (0 to 70MPa), standard type, waterproof type, chemical resistant type, etc : SPS-8T, SPS-8TF, SPS-8TF1, SPS-8T-SD, SPS-8T-PM, SPS-8T-P, SPS-8T-HL, SPS-8T-HL1, SPS-8T-R, SPS-8WP, SPS-8WP-P, SPS-8WP-SD. SPS-8WP-F, SPS-20

Ultra-small pressure switch

SPS-35 seriesGas, liquid pressure control (5-350kPa), standard type, waterproof type, etc : SPS-35

Pressure Switch

SPS-36 series : SPS-36, SPS-36 (SUS)

Pressure Switch

SPS-18 seriesGas, liquid pressure control (0 to 70MPa), waterproof type with terminal block, chemical resistant type, etc : SPS-18, SPS-18F, SPS-18F1, SPS-18-SD, SPS-18-PM, SPS-18-P, SPS-18HL, SPS-18NK, SPS-18NK2 A, SPS-18TF, SPS-18W, SPS-18AS, SPS-18SEF3, SPS-18SEF5, SPS-18-R

Pressure Switch

SPS-15 / 16 seriesIdeal for gas and liquid pressure control (0.03 to 3.0MPa), pumps and compressors : SPS-15, SPS-16, SPS-16R, SPS-16RM

Pressure Switch

SPW-281 · 181 seriesIdeal for gas and liquid pressure control (1.4MPa or less), large relay capacity (750W motor load, etc.), pumps, compressors : SPW-281, SPS-181, SPS-281F, SPS-181F

Pressure-resistant explosion-proof pressure switch

Explosion-proof seriesA switch (pressure switch, vacuum switch) is built in a container with a pressure-resistant explosion-proof structure (d2G4) : FPD1-01

Adjustable VR type pressure switch series

Adjustable VR type seriesYou can fine-tune the pressure adjustment of SPS-8, SPS-8WP, SPS-18, and SPS-5 : SPS-8T-VR, SPS-8WP-VR, SPS-18-VR, SPS-5-VR

Adjustable VD type pressure switch series

Adjustable VD type seriesYou can fine-tune the pressure adjustment of SPS-8, SPS-8TF, and SPS-8TP : SPS-8T-VD, SPS-8TF-VD, SPS-8T-P-PE-VD

Optional parts L metal fittings

L metal fittings. We have prepared L metal fittings that are convenient for installation : LA, LB, LC, LD, LE, LF

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