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Kanto Seiki Cooling Coil

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: 28 / 08 / 2021
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Detail Kanto Seiki Cooling Coil


The Oilmatic extracts 100% performance of your machine tool.

The Oilmatic automatically controls the temperatures of the cooling oil and liquid of the machine tool with high precision. The Oilmatic maximizes the performance of high-precision machine tool by minimizing heat problems such as heat displacement.

Cooling machine department

For machine tools, semiconductor manufacturing machine, and other industrial machines

OILMATIC (Automatic liquid temperature control machine)

MOLDMATIC (Automatic mold temperature control machine)

Development, design, manufacture, and sales of other high-precision liquid temperature control machines

Machine tool department

PICKMATIC (Automatic transportation machine)

Development, design, manufacture, and sales of industrial robots, automatic assembling machines, and special-purpose machines

Products :


For spindle cooling, hydraulic oil temperature, and lubricant temperature control (C, CL, MLSA, MLSB series)

For machine body temperature control, and coolant temperature control (V, KTV, MLCC, MRCC series)For machine body temperature control, and coolant temperature control (W series)


The “KMA” series using “water” as a heat medium, and the “KMO” series using “heat medium oil” (KMA-H, KMA-R, KMA-RH series)


The “KMO” series is divided into several series depending on the difference in the cooling system to meet a maximum settable temperature.




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