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KAMUI DRAIN COOLER AD-KT200T A200 Radiator Mesin

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12 / 12 / 2019
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Detail KAMUI DRAIN COOLER AD-KT200T A200 Radiator Mesin



Radiator type heat exchangers (plate and fin type) use fans to circulate air and cool the fluid inside the tubes of the exchanger. Since the cooling medium is air, these exchangers can be used without restriction. No water is used in the cooling process, so there is no need for plumbing. This also means that there is no danger of the fluid in the tubes being mixed with water. The device has very few component parts, and this makes maintenance very easy. The fans used have very low operating noise. The radiator is made from aluminium alloy, making it light and compact. And, the use of a standardized frame means it can be used with a variety of standards of motors.


We spare no effort to ensure that our products reach the customer by the promised delivery date, if not sooner.


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Applications :


Used in rolling machines, forming machinery, machine tools, construction equipment, chemical plants, shipping, power generation, food processing machinery, medical appliances, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, co-generation, etc.


Products :


ADC-187-11K1Phase 100V 36/31W3Phase 200V 16/17W1.7KG

ADC-217-12K 1Phase 100V 36/31W 3Phase 200V 16/17W 1.9KG

ADC-217-17K 1Phase 100V 43/40W 3Phase 200V 20/20W 2.6KG

AN-3053Phase 400V 25W16KG

AN-355 3Phase 400V 50W 19KG

AN-405 3Phase 400V 0.1kW 23KG

AN-455 3Phase 400V 0.2kW 32KG

AN-456 3Phase 400V 0.2kW 35KG

AN-556 3Phase 400V 0.4kW 47KG


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