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  • DIGITAL KOREA CO.,LTD Microcontroller

DIGITAL KOREA CO.,LTD Microcontroller

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: 28 / 08 / 2021
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Detail DIGITAL KOREA CO.,LTD Microcontroller


For this beautiful planet we call Earth, saving Earth is an important duty for our future generation. We take not only integration solution for green energy, but also progress ENerUP SYSTEM which is responsible for energy efficiency. This is our promise that DK Co., Ltd made.

Products :

Photovoltaic System :

• Photovoltaic System

• Compensation Junction Box

• ENerUP

• Array Junction Box

• Status Board

• Monitoring

• Photovoltaic System Certification

Digital Protection Relay :

• Digital Protection Relay (N-POARD)

• Digital Power Meter (ME-PRIME)

Digital Temperature Controller :

• Digital Temperature Controller (1Ch, 3CH, 4CH) P-100C, P-300C, P-400A

• Digital Temperature Controller For Harmonic Analysis (P2-300H), PT-100Ohm

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