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Digital Controller WP-D835-020-1212H

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07 / 07 / 2022
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Detail Digital Controller WP-D835-020-1212H

Fujian WIDE PLUS Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. is a autonomous investment enterprise that is founded in china land by Hong Kong WIDE PLUS precision instrument co., Ltd. She is a foreign owned enterprise which specially devote oneself to engage in production of new instrument element and material?automatic system integration and software engineering、analysis instrument、power system equipments timing instrument 、quartz watch movement & finished product 、LCD back-light source and intelligent actuator, etc. Her amount of total invested is 29,80 thousand U.S.D. And registered capital is 13,00 thousand U.S.D.

Products :

WP362 series, WP403D series, WP-LR series, WP306D, etc...
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