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Detail DEWHURST SWT Limit Switch

Dewhurst UK - UK


Dewhurst UK is an independent supplier of quality components to the lift, keypad and rail industries. The company was founded in 1919 and the Dewhurst Group now has sales of around US $50 million and employs over 300 people in locations around the world.


Our manufacturing plant, located on the outskirts of London, is full of the latest machine tools, and as a company we invest heavily each year on new production equipment. Our Research and Development facilities are also located in the same building and we boast the latest Computer Aided Design equipment as well as test equipment such as shadowgraphs, endurance test equipment, environmental and dust chambers.


Our aim at Dewhurst is ‘Fast and Fit’, we are keen to develop and supply our product ‘Fast’ as the industry we work in is constantly demanding shorter lead-time, as well as ‘Fit’, it is fundamental that the products we supply are ‘Fit’ for the job.


Products :


• Accessories : CJ10 Flasher/Buzzer, EN-Buzz, Shunt Board.

• Auxiliaries : Car Gate Switch, EM21 Proxomity Switch, FR21 Retiring Ramp, Safety Edges, SWT Limit Switch, Etc.

• Destination Control : Californian Keypad, Classic Blade ID, Cube Lift ID, Etc.

• Dot Matrix Displays : ULS32H/V, ULS43H, ULS54H, ULS32H/V, Etc.

• Encoders and Speech : CX-Speech MP3, CX-Basic Encoder Board, CH032 Encoder, Etc

• Fixtures : Glass COP, Standard Full Height COP, Customised Full Height COP's

• Hidden Legends : InForm Round, Inform Square, Etc

• Indicators : UL200

• Key Switches : I-Key, Low Profile Keyswitch, M-20 keyswitch

• Keypads : MA10, MA11, MA12, 

• Lanterns & Gongs : Uniblade Lantern, Uniblade Flush Lantern, Uniblade Lantern Plus Lift, Etc

• LCD Displays

• Pushbuttons : US91-EN, US90-EN, US95, Etc

• Switching Range : Series 42, 44, 50, 52

• Transport : US97 Rail Indicator, US97 Rail Multi-Sounder, Etc

• US1 Touch Panel : US1 Touch Panel, En Pad Keypad, Etc

• Wallraff : Dial Indicator SW432hr Range, Hall Lantern - Cast Bras, Etc




Gear limit switch for use in light/medium duty applications


The point at which the switch operates is precisely and easily adjustable by means of a special micro setting device.


Available versions: PartNumber


Left-hand,   gear ratio  36:1 001003-020000

Right-hand, gear ratio  36:1 001003-010000

Right-hand, gear ratio 115:1 001003-030000*

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