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CURTIS Controller

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16 / 12 / 2019
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Detail CURTIS Controller

Curtis Instruments, Inc - USA

Major electric vehicle OEMs worldwide rely on Curtis to make their vehicles best-in-class because Curtis motor speed controllers and vehicle control systems set the industry standard, with nearly 60 years of innovation and leadership in product excellence. Highly reliable Curtis products are available in a range of models suitable for every industrial truck application. Our sophisticated integrated electric vehicle systems are packed with cutting edge features and functions that make vehicle design simple. From color LCD displays to foot pedals and joysticks, sensors, CAN I/O modules and motor speed controllers for traction, steering and hydraulic pumps, Curtis provides all the system components needed. The unique Curtis motor auto-characterization routine, configurable CANopen profiles and proprietary Vehicle Control Language (VCL) application software help OEMs to achieve maximum vehicle performance with minimum effort.

Curtis is committed to a coordinated and integrated process to build in quality from design to product delivery, with a comprehensive system to assure product quality and reliability.

Products :

Motor Controllers,
CAN I/O Modules,
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Power Conversion,
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DC Contactors,

1204M-5201 (36/48V ; 275A)
1204M-5202  (36/48V ; 275A)
1204M-5301  (36/48V ; 325A)
1205M-5601  (36/48V ; 500A) 
1205M-5602  (36/48V ; 500A) 
1205M-6B401 (60/72V ; 400A)
1205M-6B402 (60/72V ; 400A) 

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