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  • BLV Licht - USHIO Germany Lampu Bohlam

BLV Licht - USHIO Germany Lampu Bohlam

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01 / 12 / 2019
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Beyond Imagination Vendor…

Detail BLV Licht - USHIO Germany Lampu Bohlam



Lamps made in Germany

The high-technology lamps are developed and produced at the company location in Steinhöring near to Munich. Our company philosophy is to offer our innovative lamps in the best possible quality. Competence, quality, individual solutions and, last but not least, environmental protection are implemented by us using the most modern technologies.


Competent. Versatile. Innovative.

The BLV product series comprises a large selection of discharge lamps and halogen lamps. Our special services are based on our excellent quality and the long service life of our products as well as the mature range of lamps. BLV was the first lamp manufacturer worldwide to be certified according to DIN ISO 9001. Today, we “live” quality in all fields and with all activities, from accepting orders to their delivery.


• LED lighting systems

• LED retrofit lamps

• UV luminaires

• Top lighting system

• Tungsten halogen lamps

• High-pressure discharge lamps

• Fiber optic lamps

• Floodlights for sports facilities

• Control gears

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