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16-Channel Fire Alarm System

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28 / 08 / 2021
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Detail 16-Channel Fire Alarm System

16-Channel Alarm D2210-HG

Founded in August 1999, Guangzhou Zhongyu Automation Institute (GUANGZHOU SINOCON AUTOMATICAL INSTITUTE) is now located on the third floor (industrial zone) at No. 49 Dongdong Road, Tianhe, Guangzhou. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development of marine instruments and marine automation products.

Guangzhou Zhongyu Automation Research Institute has a research and development team composed of industry leaders and young people who dare to innovate. It is willing to establish close cooperation with various shipyards and supporting factories.

Thank you for the new and old customers and colleagues in the industry who have been caring for supporting the development and growth of the Institute of Central Automation over the years. We will continue to repay our customers with high-quality products, reliable quality and perfect service.

The Institute has successfully developed HYPO-M1200 16-way patrol instrument, HYPO-D2210-16(24) road alarm, CYD-2 rudder angle indicator, CDZ9903 mainframe (tail shaft) tachometer, CDH2008 automatic rudder and CD F9916 liquid level, temperature, pressure, high level monitoring and alarm device and other more than 20 products.

The CDZ9903B tailshaft tachometer and HYPOD2210-16(24) alarm developed by the Institute have now been exported to Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore and Malaysia in batches. They are popular with foreign users and have become designated products for some foreign shipyards. The Institute also develops some non-standard and imported accessories replacement products according to user needs, such as Ansutz steering gear amplifier, Nocon tachometer, CDF9901 high-level module, V/I phase converter, mainframe speed amplifier module (±50V), synchronous steering gear amplifier, etc.

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